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Function of gas permeable membrane
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There are a lot of equipment in the industrial field, and these equipment are very useful and bring a lot of benefits to the industrial field. Among them, the breathable membrane is a good equipment. This equipment plays a very large role in the industrial field, so it is widely used in the industrial field. Because the breathable membrane has many functions, it will be widely used. So, what are the functions of this breathable membrane?

Function 1. Ventilation: Many insulation layers have not been properly ventilated, and their basic life span has been affected to a certain extent. At this time, there is no need to worry about this problem with the breathable membrane. Because the breathable membrane can effectively ventilate, the service life of the insulation layer will be longer and there will be no bad problems.

Function 2: Waterproof: The breathable membrane can also effectively waterproof at a certain level, so its application in the industrial field is very common. Because this kind of equipment has a waterproof effect, the service life of the insulation layer is very long. Therefore, it is very good to use breathable membrane in the industrial field.

Function 3: Dustproof: The breathable membrane can not only effectively ventilate and waterproof, but also effectively balance the pressure, so it can play a very good dustproof effect. The ventilation design of this equipment can quickly diffuse the gas to prevent dust from entering, so the dustproof effect is very good.

In fact, the breathable membrane has many functions, and the above three functions are just the most fundamental. Because the effect of ventilation, waterproof and dustproof is very good, the application of this kind of breathable membrane can be seen in many areas of the industry. However, the time of purchase must be wise and pay attention to the purchase of a breathable membrane with better performance.

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